LTE Call Flows

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LTE Call Flows 7


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  6. I have a confusion , couldnot understand why we have again RRC connection procedure and repeatition of some other subsequent messages in last ladder diagram of "service request" ? you mentioned in last message (modify bearer response) of "default bearer attach 2" that SGW is now ready to send DL data to enodeb over S1 ,
    then why again these steps in last section of "service request" ?

    1. UE initiates "SERVICE REQUEST" when it is in EMM-REGISTERED but ECM-IDLE state and has some data in uplink to be sent or it has received paging from CN.
      RRC connection establishment is the process of establishing ECM connection.
      So befor UE can send "SERVICE REQUEST" to CN, it need to move to ECM-CONNECTED state and for this UE needs to perform cell selection/reselection.
      This will involve the following steps:
      Synchronization==>RACH==>RRC Connection Setup==>Bearer Establishment.
      That is why you are seeing the message repeated in case of service request.

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  9. The messages in explanation should be with channel assignment or the arrows for DL or UL should have channel info for better explanations. Thanks

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