Here is a short quiz to test your LTE Knowledge !..
1. What is NOT true about Dedicated bearer ?
Dedicated bearer can provide both GBR and non-GBR services
Dedicated bearer is always linked to default bearer
Dedicated bearer have QCI value between 1 and 5
Dedicated bearer uses Traffic flow templates

2. TTI Bundling is important to
avoid delay caused by HARQ process at mac layer
increase cell capacity
improve downlink transmission
none of the above

3. Master information block (MIB) carries
System Frame number
PHICH Configuration
Downlink channel Bandwidth
All of the above

4. Which physical channel is used to dynamically indicate the number of symbols used for PDCCH channel ?

5. Which one of the following is NOT a voice solution in LTE ?
Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB)
Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SV-LTE)
Single radio voice call connectivity (SRVCC)
Voice over LTE via Generic Access (VoLGA)

6. Inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC) is useful to
increase cell capacity
mitigate neighbor cell interference
improve UE battery consumption
All of the above

7. Which one of the following is not the characteristic of System information block 1 (SIB1) in LTE
It carriers scheduling information related to other SIBs
It carries cell frequency/band information
It carries PHICH configuration
None of the above

8. Which one of the following is true about TD-LTE
Channel characteristics are different for both uplink and downlink channels
Spectrum is efficiently utilized
Paired spectrum is required
All of above

9. Which statement is false about GPRS tunneling protocol (GTP)
It is IP/UDP based protocol used in GSM, UMTS and LTE core networks
It provides IP mobility and security
It encapsulates user data when passing through core network
None of the above

10. Robust Header compressin (RoHC) protocol is used to
compress/decompress IP/UDP/RTP headers over end to end connection
compress/decompress IP payload in core-network
compress/decompress RRC signaling messages over radio network
None of the above

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Correct answers:


  1. Why the answer of number 9 and 10 is "None of the above"?

    1. 9: All statements are correct. None is false. so correct is "None of the above"

      10: RoHC is used to compress/decompress IP/UDP/RTP headers over radio interface. So no statement is true

    2. GTP itself doesn't provide mobility and security. Mobility is managed by MME and eNB with eNB, SGW and PGw providing TEID values while GTP-c itself is merely the transport protocol used to carry message and doesn't "provide mobility" itself (unlike Mobile IP which is both a tunnel protocol and a mobility solution). Likewise, GTP itself has no role in security, for example, key management for the IPsec tunnel transporting GTP-U between eNB and SGW is not a function of GTP itself and the GTP tunnels themselves are not encrypted.

    3. Any reason why we need GTP headers ? IP packets can just travel between eNB and SGW as packet does between two routers without being encapsulated

    4. By mobility we mean IP mobility here

    5. Adnan GTP headers are needed, because of the EPS bearer concept.We need to have a GTP tunnel to be established to have end to end service experience. Therefore GTP headers are used which will provide TEID at each node/ link

  2. Am not sure about Q1. Your page http://4g-lte-world.blogspot.fr/2012/05/default-bearer-dedicated-bearer-what.html and my reading of the 3GPP specs implies that any QCI could be a dedicated bearer (and any one could be a default bearer..). In practice though a normal Internet access APN would have a default bearer with QCI=9 and then this APN may have one or more dedicated bearers set up using Rx on a need basis and this could be for any QCI. for the IMS APN the default bearer is QCI=5 (see GSMA IR.92) and then say QCI=1 9for voice) and or QCI=2 or 7 (for video) and even QCI=9 would be a dedicated bearer (weird configuration but is possible)

    1. Yes thats my understanding too. Any QCI could be dedicated bearer. The correct answer to Q1 is "Dedicated bearer have QCI value between 1 and 5" as this is NOT true about Dedicated bearer. Because Dedicated bearer have QCI between 1 and 9

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  4. Why the answer of number 5 is "SRVCC"?

  5. its an handover during voice call.

  6. SRVCC is also voice solution in LTE. then what is correct answer ??

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