Load balancing in LTE Self-organizing networks (SON)

Load imbalance is one of the well known issues in communication networks. There is always a possibility that the heavily loaded cell is the neighbor of lightly loaded cell. In this case, load can be shared between these two neighbor cells. This usually require manual adjustment of the network parameters.

 In LTE network, the concept of self organizing networks is introduced where network parameters are adjusted automatically based on algorithm with the help of UE measurements. Load balancing (LB) at eNB is also introduced as one of the SON features.

The goal of the load balancing in LTE SON is to reduce cell congestion automatically by running SON algorithms at eNB. The benefits are listed below:

  • - The cell load is balanced 
  • - This will increase the system capacity by reducing the congestions in heavily loaded cells
  • - Auto optimization and management of network achieved 

The load balancing algorithm can include intra-frequency, inter-frequency or inter-RAT re selections/handovers as long as there is availability of target frequency layer


  1. can you supply me with more information or materials about " LOAD BALANCING ALGORITHM "

    1. Hi Mostafa,
      Usually vendors would implement their own load balancing algorithm so thats why no one will share such material..
      if you have access to IEEE, then following paper can be useful to read

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